Alpha Gypsum Board

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dryALpHA Gypsum Boards are long lasting, durable and elegant. They are available in different price ranges. These tiles add value to any building, so it is always a wise investment to install dryALpHA Gypsum Board in your office /hospital /institute etc…

A major disadvantage of mineral fiber board ceilings is their weakness when it comes to moisture. Accumulated water or condensation can severely damage plaster ceilings. This damage can only be rectified with costly repairs, or in some cases, reconstruction. dryALpHA Gypsum Boards are impervious to moisture, which adds to their long-lasting qualities.

All dryALpHA Gypsum Board have high acoustic values ranging from 0.89 for plain tiles and upto 0.99 NRC for all open cell tiles.

YES all dryALpHA Gypsum Boards are made of natural and virgin gypsum strengthened with glass fibre reinforcement. No chemicals have been added. All dryALpHA Gypsum Boards are 100% recyclable and can be used as soil fertilizers .

Other ceilings boards that can crack or warp with time and other factors such as moisture, a dryALpHA Gypsum Board retains its shape and beauty for ages. These tiles are also resistant to peeling, unlike gypsum board & mineral fiber ceilings. Once you install dryALpHA Gypsum Board in your home or office, you do not have to worry about upkeep or repairs for a very long time.

dryALpHA Gypsum Boards are available in many design & finishes. Can be painted to match any decor. You can even paint over them to suit the colors and ambience in your home or office. This makes dryALpHA Gypsum Board very versatile choices for any project.

Once installed, dryALpHA Gypsum Board require minimal care and maintenance. All you need to do is regularly dust the tiles and wipe them when required. This will ensure that your dryALpHA Gypsum Board last for a long time, in great condition.

dryALpHA Gypsum Boards are resistant to mold and mildew, which can cause severe problems in a building’s structure. Because they are made of gypsum, these tiles also have higher resistance to fire, making them safer.

Available in several patterns and ceiling tiles are lighter and easier to install than regular plaster ceilings. Installation also takes much lesser time. Ideal for Covering Imperfections dryALpHA Gypsum Board is ideal for easy coverings over unsightly plaster ceilings that are in need of repair. The ease of installation and added beauty of these tiles make them ideal for renovation and repair.

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